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hi everyone!!

I’ve been working on this for quite some time—I’m excited (and pretty nervous) to finally announce some details about this small zine ULTRA-VIOLET! All drawings are in full color and are themed on a violet/purple color scheme.

I decided to make this a collected booklet of my Murasakibara/Himuro drawings from this year + the past year—some of which you may, or may not have seen! I love this pairing very, very much.


6x6 inches, 26 pages (back + front)

22 illustrations in color ft. murasakibara/himuro

$10 + shipping


*Additionally, the first 20 preorders will get a a set of novelty items, 4x6 postcards and 2 x 1.5” pins!! There’s a bit more info about preorders the shop page if you’re curious!! I’m still considering if I want to make these separate items you can buy. Pre-orders open today, 5/9 until 5/31!! After the preorder period, the price will increase to $12.

I’m planning to have this book ready by Fanime, so if you are attending and pre-ordered online, you can pick it up there (and skip shipping costs)!  Books will be shipped out in June if you aren’t attending Fanime, and I’ll have a few copies with me at AX! This is a limited run of booklets since I wasn’t sure how much to print—but I will reprint if needed :)

Thank you so much for looking! Even if you can’t buy the zine, reblogs or spreading the word are greatly appreciated!!! xoxoxo

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